Valley Metro Light Rail Collisions and Injuries

The light rail transports thousands of passengers, throughout many locations and intersections in the Valley, in Phoenix, Tempe, and Mesa.

Crashes with pedestrians and other vehicles occur, and can result in serious injuries.

On May 9, 2015 a light rail train collided with a commercial truck at Central Avenue and Clarendon Avenue in Phoenix, several people were hospitalized. The southbound truck apparently attempted a left turn in front of the southbound train.

In another crash, I represented a passenger on the light rail who was injured when another driver’s SUV disregarded a red light, at the I-10 frontage road and E. Jefferson, in Phoenix, the vehicle collided with the moving train. Extensive property damage also occurred.

The ongoing light rail construction on 19th Avenue in Phoenix, between Dunlap south to Montebello, is an area where there are many potential roadway dangers for motorists, motorcyclists, pedestrians and bicyclists.

If there is a claim that the light rail was negligent in causing injuries, to a passenger or to another person or motorist, for example due to operator inattention, excessive speed, derailments, then there are strict Notice of Claim requirements that must be timely satisfied, in order to pursue an injury claim.