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Compensation for Scars and Disfigurement

Scars & Disfigurement Lawyer Phoenix, AZSuffering a severe personal injury can be a traumatic as well as a painful event, there can be long-term physical and emotional effects, scars and disfigurement can be a constant and painful reminder. The mental trauma that injury survivors endure is often as extensive and important to address as the injury itself.

A Lasting Personal Injury

The effects of a serious injury aren’t over after fractures heal, the effects of a serious injury can be ongoing. We have helped clients recover damages for scars or disfigurements as a result of cases involving:

Airbag Injuries

The purpose of airbags is to reduce injuries sustained in a traumatic car crash. However, an airbag exerts a large amount of force upon deployment, which can cause serious injuries. The most common injuries are in children and small adults because they are more susceptible to airbag deployment strength. Further, airbags can malfunction, causing trauma. Common malfunctions include an airbag deploying absent a traumatic collision and activating too late or not at all during a car accident.

Even when airbags deploy correctly, many injuries can occur. The most common injuries include skin burns, skin abrasion, and blunt force trauma to the eyes. Further, the chemicals released upon airbag deployment can cause respiratory issues in individuals with sensitive lungs or other health issues. The force of the airbag’s deployment can also result in injuries. These injuries can range from sprains to fractures in the wrists, arms, and fingers.

Injuries can also be the result of an airbag malfunctioning. Airbags that deploy without cause can result in blunt force injuries to passengers. Children and small adults are the most susceptible to damage from the force of an airbag deployment. Further, airbags that fail to deploy can result in significant traumatic injuries.

A personal injury attorney can assess these claims as part of an injury claim arising from a car crash.

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