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Fall caused by dangerous condition on hotel property, resulting in ankle surgery

I have been a teacher for forty years, I was looking forward to a brief respite from teaching my middle school classes when a serious accident occurred at a Phoenix hotel. Due to bad weather, my plane was diverted from Albuquerque, New Mexico to Phoenix, causing me to have an overnight layover in Phoenix.
I was walking from one building to another at the hotel site when I stepped into a large, deep hole in the lawn. I was taken to a Phoenix hospital, I suffered a trimalleolar fracture of my ankle, I needed surgery. I elected to return home to have the surgery. My surgery involved putting plates and pins into my ankle to allow healing.
At the beginning of my recuperation at home, I determined that what happened to me was not my fault. I contacted the office of Paul Englander upon recommendation from a group of Farmington, NM attorneys.
Paul determined that I had a good case and started to gather information relevant to my accident. Paul kept in touch with me during the next six months, telling me how things were progressing. I really appreciated these calls as he continued to assure me that this case was important to him. During these first few months, it was clear that the hotel where the fall occurred was unwilling to settle this case in a fair and timely manner.
I was unable to work for the next seven months. After my surgery, I was in a cast for a month, requiring me to have to have some home health care and occupational therapy. I could not function very well at home and needed a lot of outside help.
After the cast was removed, I was required to use crutches while wearing a Bledsoe boot. I was encouraged to use a walker to increase my range of motion and eventually start driving so I could go to physical therapy.
Paul asked me to come to Phoenix to be examined by a doctor to determine the severity of my injuries. During the next two days, I was on an extremely organized schedule - all set up by Paul. I was examined by orthopedic doctors and participated in a deposition. My physical and emotional needs were a great concern to Paul, a very good settlement was obtained with the insurance companies for the hotel and the lawn maintenance company.
In conclusion, Paul Englander worked diligently to reach a fair settlement for me. I was very pleased with the results. Most importantly, Paul Englander worked hard to put my case together, leaving "no stones unturned" literally! I'm certainly glad I contacted him to represent me in this highly unusual case. Thanks for everything!

Mary L.

Very Sincerely

Fall on a dangerous airport jetway resulting in back surgeries

In February 2003 I was getting ready to board an aircraft to return from my business trip in Phoenix to my home in Virginia Beach. Traveling forty weeks plus every year for the past twenty years this was like getting on a bus. How was I to know that on that morning my going down the jet way would change my life and my families' life forever.
The next thing I remember were the paramedics attending to me after I fell with my head and back hitting the jet way. Being a very healthy fifty one year old man my thoughts were I would be ok and back to running my business. Unfortunately, upon returning home my family doctor recommended a highly rated orthopedic surgeon to look at me. This did not set well for me in that I never have had any surgery and was not going to have someone cut on me. After doing twice the amount of cortisone shots in a very short period along with taking many vicodin the last test was by far the worse test on a human being in doing an electro gram. This test gave the Doctor and me the exact cause of my back locking up and not being able to stand up straight (like a ninety year old person).
It was the L1/2 that was blown out along with the lower disc (L5/S1) would need surgery. This is why I was locking up because it was bone to bone without any disc. This news stunned me. I started reading up on back fusion surgery while getting a second opinion. The bad thing was I would have to do the surgery twice because of the location of the disc. This meant a two year plus recovery. As for the airlines I was naive to think they would contact me to discuss my health however, that didn't happen. With this in mind, I consulted with a friend of mine in Virginia Beach who as an attorney said he would help me get representation out in Arizona where the accident happened.
He went to the bar association, and while a few names appeared, he found a firm that said they would represent me. Well, that was not to be in that they wanted me to settle quickly and said this case was hard to prove. My friend was very upset and after meeting one time with them in Phoenix, I knew they were not looking after my best interests. My friend then was told about an attorney, Paul Englander who knew the law extremely well when it came to a slip and fall injuries.
After meeting with Paul in his office, we both shared our family values and his expertise on Arizona law gave me the relief I was looking for in handling my case. This allowed me to concentrate not only on the first surgery but being prepared to do it again for the L5/S1. When you look at an MRI and you see screws and cages let alone having your hip bone cut off for the fusion you question on why this would happen to a guy who is church going and married for thirty three years. It would take pages to tell you the mental trauma I went through with my business, family and dealing with the drugs to offset the pain. I never would have thought I would get addicted to pills like I did and trust me when it comes to back pain you look for anything that will give you relief to sleep and try to function daily.
Well, I am a businessman but not one for legal jargon however Paul walked Patty and myself through all the scenarios and made us feel at ease. When it came down to the arbitration meeting Paul was well prepared to go up against the other two attorneys in the room. With charts and gruesome pictures of my surgery he presented my case as well as I could expect. I being the victim was closed minded on settlement figures because the money would not bring back the healthy Dale that was ready to board the plane. When you think of all the thousands of pills and two years of physical therapy you go through and you know that you were making a very nice living and had a good family life, this all came into play. Paul was there to hear me out and console, but keep an open mind on what to look for as far as compensation with this case in the state of Arizona. I knew I could look Paul in the eye and see a sincere family person that was looking out for my best interests.
When you are the victim you need someone like Paul on your side because you only have one chance to make your case and you better have a person that tries to feel your pain and knows the laws of Arizona inside and out. I never will take for granted my health after what I had gone through over a three year span let alone having to deal with the hardware in my lower back that will affect my everyday life in the years ahead.

Dale F.


Wrongful Death case against a bar and a drunk driver

Losing a child is devastating not only for parents but all those that loved that child. Whether it be siblings, family or friends, the loss affects all.
I am writing this because of my own personal experience. Its the same old story~ a drink with dinner, drinks after dinner, toasting the newlyweds, attending a convention, and one for the road. And you weren't counting the drinks, neither was the bartender. No matter what event you were over served alcohol, an innocent person just might lose their life. No one ever bothers to think they had too much to drink or ask for assistance for a ride home. Selfish, Yes. Pathetic, of course. And it then changes the life and plans of all involved.
Although it seems like yesterday, it was 1995 and my youngest daughter was a freshman at Arizona State University. She had her life figured out with great plans for the future. All those dreams diminished when a student was over served at a local bar, right off campus. According to his blood alcohol level two hours later, experts said he was served fourteen 12 ounce drinks.
After the man pleaded guilty of manslaughter and leaving the scene so that my daughter died in the street, the state proceedings sent him to prison. But there is another part in the scheme of things which was dealing with accountability. A dram shop claim against the bar for over serving students. Restaurants and bars off campus have to take a deeper responsibility when dealing with liquor. No one should lose their life because of an establishment's ignorance. Unfortunately there will always be innocent victims because these establishments are only interested in ringing up sales without concern to the outside world.
I honestly was consumed with my great loss and the entirety of everything that was going on. I put my own life aside to deal with this. I believe any loving, concerned parent would exactly do the same.
During the time that I spent in Phoenix, I interviewed different attorneys. It was so important that I find the right attorney for this case. I was NOT happy with the attorneys I met. You need to find an attorney that will be there for you and do the best in representing you. One that knows the law and puts you before others on his agenda.
By luck, a well respected attorney in Phoenix recommended Paul Englander. He assured me that he would get it right and do an excellent job.
In the interim, I met with Paul Englander. He came so highly recommended. As time went on, Paul proved he knew and understood the facts. The case was going to trial. Once again, Paul deciphered and brought in the right experts to testify the facts. And was a master in picking the jury as well. I knew we would win the case. The professionalism and the facts even astounded me. I am writing this to tell you that this case would never of been won by any other attorney. No attorney would ever take the time to do the research that went into this case and displayed the acumen to the entire file. Besides his knowledge, just to deal with the unexpected from the defendant's attorneys.
Losing my beautiful daughter has changed my life. You are never the same and anyone who didn't lose a child cannot understand. The pain of burying a child never leaves. My daughter's life was wonderful but her years were too short.
For families that have encountered the same circumstances or need to understand their rights and what they can do, I strongly recommend that you first speak to Paul Englander. I must admit if he put up with me through all the tribulations, he is a Saint.
I hope all the families that lost loved ones will follow through as I did. These predators are accountable for their actions. By going after them, there will be second thoughts about their future liquor consumption, establishments that over serve, and the thought of just one more for the road.

Ellyce R.

Most Sincerely

Injuries suffered in car crash, caused by drunk driver

My experience with Paul Englander has been a great experience. Even though I met him during a stressful time due to an accident I was in Mr Englander immediately started helping me by helping me understand the whole process regarding what happens after an accident. This was the first accident I have ever been in, if it wasn't for Mr. Englander I don't know how I would have dealt with everything.
The other insurance company was not being very cooperative and didn't think I deserved much for my pain and suffering. Due to the aggravating circumstances Mr. Englander knew I deserved more, and he fought for me, and what I deserved. He dealt with the other parties insurance, my health insurance, as well as the hospital. He made sure he had everything covered. He didn't want me to have to worry about going through that.
If I were to ever have the unfortunate opportunity to be in another automobile accident, one of the first people I will call will be Paul Englander. I can tell that Mr. Englander takes pride in the work he does. He always helped me by explaining my options and taking me through everything step by step. He realized that he is working for me and wants what is best for me. I believe Paul Englander is a very caring person who knows how to take care of the people who need him the most. He would always make sure I was up to date on any new details or issues that arose.
Mr Englander has gone over and beyond the call of his duty. If anyone I know is ever the victim of an accident I will tell them that one of the first calls they should be to Paul Englander. He would call to see how I was doing and how everything was going at my work, and with my life. Even after everything was over with, Mr. Englander still called to see how I was doing, and wanted to make sure I was ok. As I said before, Mr. Englander takes great pride in the work he does and because of that he makes a great person as well as a lawyer. You won't have any regrets hiring Paul Englander. If anyone is ever unfortunate to be in an accident, call Mr. Englander. I know you'll be very satisfied with the job he will do for you. I know I was.

Michael E.


Trucking accident with injuries

I was going through a green light in Avondale, when a tractor trailer vehicle carrying cattle was speeding and went through a red light and crashed into and totaled my car, and I was injured. I went to the hospital and received physical therapy.
I want to thank Paul Englander and his assistant Teena for representing me in my personal injury case, and dealing with the trucking company's insurance company.
I am very satisfied with the outcome of my case, they provided me with very professional and respectful service at all times. Once again, thank you very much for your help and support in my case.

Martina F.


Uninsured motorist claim, highway crash

I was on the job as a tow truck driver, I pulled over to the shoulder on I-10, in Phoenix. With no warning, a vehicle going eighty miles an hour, driven by an impaired driver, lost control of his vehicle and crashed into me and my tow truck, and the vehicle on the truck was thrown off the truck and over the median into oncoming traffic. I suffered numerous injuries, medical bills and lost income.
Paul represented me in my uninsured motorist injury claim, with my employer's insurance company. Many family members of mine have been represented by Paul Englander through the years, they have all been extremely satisfied. I was exceedingly pleased with all aspects of the handling of and the settlement of my case.

Tony S.


Bicyclist struck by motor vehicle, resulting in injuries and lost income

To anyone who recently suffered an accident while bicycling, please take note. In Sept of 2007, I was struck by a pick-up in Anthem, AZ, while training for a triathlon. Hospitalized for 3 days, shattered ego, barely able to walk, multiple bone bruises from head to toe, etc, I was in dire need of legal counsel. This was followed by 3 months of physical therapy and a delicate return to work.
I found Paul Englander on-line by accident (luck) and proceeded to call what basically was a stranger, to assist me with my pain and anguish. Paul was a seasoned pro who pointed me in the right direction, and told me exactly what to do. Paul exceeded my expectations on several occasions, including a visit to my home soon after the incident. I won’t soon forget that solid gesture.
He handled all insurance and doctor bills via fax and email, interfaced with all bill collectors, and I never had to set foot in his office, or speak with anyone except him. The reality was he truly cared about “me” and the outcome. I never worried (even once) and told him on several occasions that I was giving him all of the facts and totally trusting him to follow thru.
As I said, he did everything he said, and more. I honestly give him the highest ranking possible, and highly recommend him to anyone who is in need of legal assistance following a car/bike crash.
I am very grateful for Paul’s friendship and caring ways, and as I continue to train, compete and ride, I know that if I should ever get hit again, he will be the first person I call from the hospital.

Brad B.

Extremely greatful Client

Avondale crash and uninsured motorist injury claims

Paul Englander is a wonderful, committed attorney. He helped me through my tremendously difficult case. I was in a collision with my son and two family members. I was proceeding southbound and the opposite car was northbound, suddenly the opposite car hit a gigantic boulder in the middle of the median. This car was going so fast when it smashed the boulder, a huge chunk flew off onto my car, my windshield was completely shattered and my engine was totaled! My car then ran into a tree. All of us in the vehicle were rushed to the hospital. This case was very difficult due to the fact that our cars did not collide. Paul had to jump through hoops to get the best results for our injury claims. There were two insurance companies to deal with, and many issues and difficulties, but I would have never chosen a better attorney with the great amount of effort and commitment he put into this case. I was very pleased with the results. All four of us came out with outstanding numbers. I couldn't be more relieved not only with a great settlement, but satisfied with the case finally over. Thank you to Paul Englander for all of his hard work and help I greatly appreciate it. I would definitely turn to him for any other personal injury case and I highly recommend him to anyone!



Injuries suffered in car crash, caused by drunk driver

My family and I were coming home from a nice dinner and talking about what we would be doing for the weekend when are lives were interrupted as we were passing through a green light and a drunk driver hit the front part of our vehicle. As we looked up the driver backed the car off of our vehicle and fled the scene of the accident. My family that was in the vehicle at the time (My father, Wife and our two children) had several bumps and scrapes from the collision and was injured when my knees impacted the dashboard of my vehicle.
After many discussions we sought the advice of an attorney that practiced this type of law. Over the course of the next 6 months it appeared that the original attorneys we hired were not making progress on the case and my family and I did not feel comfortable continuing with this law firm.
I had surgery due to the injuries and after discussing my concerns that we needed to find the right attorney for our case we found Paul Englander. We read testimonials like this one and decided to contact him about our case. Paul was a true professional and came out to our home and walked us through our options and walked us through the process that this case would follow. We immediately knew that Paul was the right attorney for us and that he was truly concerned.
As another client stated “If I were to ever have the unfortunate opportunity to be in another automobile accident, one of the first people I will call will be Paul Englander” We fully echo and stand behind that statement. Paul was always very helpful and explained everything to us and got more done in the first 5 days than my other attorney completed in six months.
I have and will continue to recommend Paul to anyone I know that should become a victim of an accident. My Family and I were so fortunate to have Mr. Englander and his firm on our side and we can not thank him enough. Paul did negotiate a fair and reasonable settlement on our behalf. To this day, Paul still checks in with us to see how we are doing.
It is apparent that Mr. Englander takes great pride in the work he does and truly cares about his clients and is the only one I will have on my team in the future if needed again. Paul was the lighthouse during our storm he is a great person and a Fantastic lawyer.
You will not regret hiring Paul Englander. As many other clients have said I again will echo their statements that if anyone is ever unfortunate to be in an accident, please do yourself a favor and call Mr. Englander he will be fair, upfront and honest with you and your case. We were clients of Mr. Englanders and now we consider Paul a Friend.

Rich W.


Crash caused by Drunk driver and Scottsdale bar overservice, head injuries

I had just finished babysitting and met my boyfriend for coffee at a coffee shop less than two miles from my house. As we left the coffee shop, our night took a turn for the worse. We were rear-ended by a drunk driver who was driving at a speed more than twice the speed limit and who didn't have her lights on. The crash left both of us unconscious in the car, smashed up against a tree on the opposite side of the road and facing the opposite direction we originally going.
My aunt had been in an accident a while back and used Paul as her attorney and was more than satisfied with him, so I decided to give him a call. Paul met with me soon after the accident and we discussed what my next steps were and how he could help. He was very understanding of the whole situation and I decided he was the best lawyer for the job.
I had some very expensive medical bills following the accident and I was unable to work, and even drive, for a few months after the collision. Paul handled everything for me with excellence. Paul spoke with the insurance companies and I didn't have to stress or worry about anything. He took many depositions and spoke with trained professionals and was very thorough. I was always updated on the case in a timely manner and I feel that he was able to get me the best possible outcome. Paul made the decision to settle the case with an arbitration, which was the best option to resolve the case successfully and in a timely manner. I had the best possible settlement in my favor and have Paul to thank for that. I am very satisfied with Paul, his team and their abilities.
Paul was able to help my aunt years ago and he helped me the past couple years. I am very pleased with the result of my case and am so glad I chose Paul to represent me. He truly cares about his clients and isn't just an attorney, he's a friend. He has been a friend of my family for some time now and I highly recommend him to anyone needing legal representation after an incident similar to mine. Thank you for everything, Paul! 🙂



Scottsdale crash, arm fracture, requiring surgery

Suffering a personal injury and enduring a subsequent case relating to it is obviously not pleasant. I am truly grateful to say that Mr. Englander from our initial meeting to receiving a settlement check made the entire process as painless as possible. Mr. Englander went above and beyond from start to finish. He kept in constant communication with me and always kept me informed on the latest developments of my case. He always had the initiative to contact me, I don't believe I ever called him unless it was to return a phone call of his, how refreshing for an attorney/client relationship.
Once my case settled, I have a feeling most attorneys would have just cut me a check and called it a day, but Mr. Englander went the extra mile to reduce the balances owed on my outstanding medical bills so that I would receive as much funds as possible. Mr. Englander's honesty, integrity, and experience are second to none, and I would never hesitate to recommend his services to anyone in need of representation for their personal injury.



Scottsdale Golf Cart Rollover, Claims Against the City and Contractors, Cervical, Dental and Arm Fractures, Arm Surgery

We first met Paul in 2014 when my daughter had a horrible golf cart accident with multiple injuries in Scottsdale. Paul represented her well in a very complex case involving the City of Scottsdale, a builder responsible for a rut in the road, subcontractors and the golf cart maintenance company as well as the driver. Paul and his assistant Destiny, showed a great deal of caring and compassion throughout the long case making it very comfortable for us to work with him. He was able to achieve a favorable settlement for my daughter. Last year, once again, we found ourselves in a need of Paul’s expertise. As I was a stopped at a stoplight on a major roadway, I was violently rear ended by a SUV, causing severe damage to my car and myself. Once again Paul represented me with the utmost professionalism. I would highly recommend Paul and his team.

Kathleen D.


Car Crash with Injuries

I was injured in a rear end accident and my car was completely totaled. After attempting to deal with the at-fault driver’s unprofessional and rude insurance company I called Paul. After my first conversation with Paul my stress levels immediately abated. Paul advised me throughout my case with kindness, care and professionalism. I was able to receive a much more favorable outcome with Paul’s help. I would definitely recommend him.

Brenda B.

Paul has been a great lawyer. His attention to detail and ability to deal with insurance companies was very good for my family and myself I recommend him to whomever is in need, knowing he will be honest about your situation.

Richard E.

I was very pleased with the way Mr. Englander represented my case as well as the final outcome. He was always very professional making sure to keep the line of communication with me and to set the right expectations. I would recommend Mr. Englander to anyone who needs help to settle his or her injury claim fairly and promptly. Overall, a five star experience!

Boris K.

Paul was extremely helpful from the very beginning and provided any questions or concerns when asked, really shows that he cares for you and wants to get the best outcome. I would highly recommend Paul to everyone.

Joshua F.

I thought Paul was very kind and friendly person very good at what he does and I would really recommend anyone that needs help Paul can do it for you, an honest person and willing to work for you and get what you deserve.

Gilvas M.

Paul is a great lawyer. I didn’t have to deal with the insurance company he did that for me. He kept the stress levels on me to a minimum which is great. I got the most money out of my case and am very satisfied with services.

Adrian K.

I truly believe that I was fortunate enough to have found such an amazing lawyer, Paul Englander, he is super amazing and Professional, he supported my son and I 100% if not more, the quality of his work is extremely impressionable, he is super fast, friendly, courteous, and considerate. I had a difficult case, considering I live in another state, I live in California, however the accident was in Phoenix, Paul Englander made everything super convenient, I can honestly say that his work was super impressive along with his team, everyone has been so helpful and professional, although our case was 2 years long, Paul did everything, I not once ever had to worry about anything. I am super pleased with everything and would definitely recommend Paul Englander in a heartbeat. I would like to say Thank you to Paul Englander and his staff for helping us get through a difficult time. Thank you.

Erica R.

My wife and I had 2 very serious car wrecks and were dealing with 3 different insurance companies when we were lucky enough to hire Paul. Paul did a wonderful job of building a strong case and taking the time to really understand our case and our needs. He is a very competent and skilled lawyer that genuinely cares about the welfare of his clients.

Aaron B.


Injuries Suffered Following Crash Caused By Drunk Driver

Paul helped in many ways with everything I didn’t know. It was good to have someone who could help and explain everything in detail. He helped me settle my case and made me happy with the results. I would use him again if I ever needed his assistance. Highly recommend!

Bre B


Pedestrian Suffered Knee And Leg Fractures When Hit By A Vehicle

I am a California resident and subcontracted the Arizona component of my personal injury case to Paul. I am very glad I did. Paul just kept gradually developing the case and facts which finally put enough pressure on State Farm that they agreed to settle before trial and pay me the policy limits. I have some minor experience with other personal injury attorneys, and Paul is as good as it gets!

Vince B


Claims Against Animal Control And A Shelter For Negligence In The Adoption Of A Dangerous Dog, Two Victims Suffered Serious Injuries

I was involved in a case that no other lawyer would take, we were recommended to talk to Paul, he came to our house and reviewed our case he was shocked regarding what happened so he took a chance and took our case. As time went on he’s always kept me informed and always was there for me when I became very emotional but I stuck through it, it was a long two years. He is such a wonderful person lawyer and friend if you need someone who’s caring, compassionate or works very hard on your case, no matter what if he has other cases, he will always keep you informed. I’m sad to say that I will miss him and he will always be in my heart. Thank you so much. In the end we won the case, if you ever need a lawyer again go to Paul he’s a great man and an awesome lawyer, thank you Paul for everything we made it. In a few words. What a life saver on what Paul did for me. He had no doubt that we would win our case. It was a emotional case. If you need an awesome lawyer and someone who would work hard and go that extra mile for you, well this is the one. Thanks Paul.

Vicky S