Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Insurance Claims Lawyer Phoenix, AZ

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Insurance Claims Lawyer Phoenix, AZWhen you are injured by an underinsured or uninsured motorist, an already difficult and complicated situation can be made worse. Many times, you can find yourself facing a difficult scenario where it is unclear who is responsible for covering your compensation associated with:

  • Your lost time at work
  • Your lost wages
  • Your medical expenses
  • Pain and suffering, disability, permanent injury

You can find yourself at conflict with your own insurance company over an accident with an uninsured motorist, and find that the people who you thought would be looking out for your interests are too busy looking out for their own.

Creating and Finding Solutions

The number of underinsured and uninsured motorists on the road today is staggering. Even many motorists who believe they have adequate coverage are surprised to find that they are underinsured when they are involved in accidents involving lengthy hospital stays or long-term care.

Our law firm handles auto accident and personal injury cases of all sizes, from recovering lost wages while recovering from fractures to wrongful death settlements that measure in the millions of dollars.

Finding a Fair and Adequate Resolution

When you are injured by an uninsured motorist, it is in your best interest to speak with a lawyer to make sure that you get appropriate and adequate compensation.

Your insurance company has attorneys on their side to protect their interests in settling your case. You need a lawyer with experience on your side to make sure that your rights are protected. Our office has been fighting for the rights of Arizona residents like you for 40 years.

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