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Pedestrian Injury Lawyer Peoria AZ

Pedestrian Injury Lawyer Peoria AZ

Pedestrian Injury Lawyer Peoria AZ

Arizona Car Crashes Drop During Pandemic

Pedestrian Injury Lawyer Peoria AZArizona, along with the rest of the nation, has seen a significant decrease in traffic and accidents as a result of a stay at home orders prompted by COVID-19. According to a recent report by FOX 10, wrecks have dropped by 75% since Arizonans were told to stay home. In the first two weeks of March, before the pandemic, there were 1,018 collisions in the Phoenix metro area. In the last two weeks of March, when many stayed home, crashes dropped to 266. Speeding and reckless driving, however, remain a deadly threat on the state’s roadways. A pedestrian injury lawyer Peoria AZ can investigate negligence of the adverse party, and look into available insurance policies and coverage.

Here is a look at some recent accidents around Arizona:

  • April 8 Tucson, a pedestrian was struck and killed on the city’s far east side in 1200 block of North Camino Seco. Police say speed may have been a factor.
  • April 6 near Maricopa, Department of Public Safety troopers stopped a car traveling more than 100 miles an hour near Southern Avenue and I-10 and arrested the driver.
  • April 6 in Tucson, a motorcycle crash near Speedway and Greaswood killed a 26-year-old man and left an adult female passenger with serious injuries. Investigators believe speed was a factor.
  • April 3 Tucson, a woman was killed and three juveniles were hurt in a two-car crash on south Campbell near Drexel. Witnesses say the SUV that caused the crash “was traveling at a high rate of speed.”
  • April 1 in Phoenix, a 17-year-old motorcyclist died in a collision on Encanto Boulevard near 48th Avenue. Investigators believe speed may have been a factor.

Although the open roads may be tempting for some car and motorcycle drivers to speed and break other traffic laws, authorities warn it is not a free pass to speed or break other traffic laws. If you or a loved one find yourself in the unfortunate event of falling victim to an accident that results in pain and suffering, contacting a pedestrian injury lawyer Peoria AZ can be a very helpful way to better understand your rights and the compensation you may deserve.

Meanwhile, police departments across the state are making efforts to improve officer safety in the midst of the pandemic. Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams is asking people to report certain crimes online such as stolen or lost property, ID theft and credit-card fraud, instead of going into a police station or calling 911 for an officer to respond in person. Officers are also being provided more masks and other personal protective equipment.

Some departments are even taking temperatures of officers before their shift begins. On the Navajo Nation, whose population is more vulnerable to the coronavirus given many underlying health conditions, officers are working the front lines of containment by enforcing 8 p.m. curfews with the threat of 30 days in jail or a $1,000 fine.

A pedestrian injury lawyer Peoria AZ can advise a crash victim or family member regarding the settlement, litigation process. There should be no fees unless a settlement is obtained. Contact the law office of Paul Englander, PLC today.

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