19th Avenue Crashes and the 19th Avenue Light Rail Construction in Phoenix

The Valley Metro Light Rail expansion on 19th Avenue in Phoenix has resulted in many and frequent lane closures, more dangerous and limited areas for pedestrian crossings, confusing and changing traffic signs, delays, frustration for motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists.

Significantly, the 19th Avenue construction, and the densely populated area and the high rates of daily traffic, including cars, buses, and trucks have resulted in sobering statistics regarding the number of collisions within the last six months, at major intersections on 19th Avenue, from Dunlap, south to Montebello.

Phoenix Police Department data reveals the following calls for service for collisions from November 2014 through April 2015:

•· 19th Avenue and Dunlap Avenue 13

•· 19th Avenue and Northern Avenue 31

•· 19th Avenue and Glendale Avenue 9

•· 19th Avenue and Bethany Home Road 14

•· 19th Avenue and Montebello 6

The construction is expected to continue into 2016.