Arizona Construction Site Accidents and Injuries

Arizona’s construction industry added jobs in 2015, construction starts are expected to rise in 2015, according to the Arizona Builders Exchange. Construction growth is expected in commercial and institutional buildings, single and multi-family housing, industrial manufacturing and in public infrastructure.

Building projects create safety risks for construction workers and the public. When construction sites have unsafe work conditions, OSHA violations or inadequate supervision then serious injuries may be suffered.

Construction spending and new building permits increased in New York City in 2014. In New York, eight people died in construction accidents so far in 2015, more than in 2014. The number of accidents was also on the rise in 2014, higher that in 2013.

Industry observers agree that with more construction there is more danger. More construction projects likely mean fewer workers doing more work, or more new workers who may not have as much training or experience. Construction dangers can include falls, crane accidents, being struck by objects, trench and electrical hazards.

In a case I handled in Phoenix a construction worker fell one story from an unbarricaded platform, causing him to fall, on to his head. A Maricopa County jury found that the general contractor was at fault. Damages were awarded for my client’s brain injury, his medical bills and lost income.

Worker’s compensation payments are not ordinarily enough to cover the extensive damages resulting from the serious injuries that may be the responsibility of another party, a third party personal injury claim may be possible.