Young boy does not survive two-car Phoenix crash

Whether it is during the workweek or the weekend, most drivers are in a rush to get to their destination. This often causes drivers to speed and potentially drive carelessly. When a driver does not adequately pay attention to the traffic ahead of them and properly abide by the rules of the road, a collision could occur. In some situations, the crash could be grave and result in a fatal accident.

Authorities in Phoenix recently responded to a serious accident that involved two vehicles. According to preliminary reports, a 19-year-old driver supposedly crossed the centerline and collided with another vehicle head-on. The crash resulted in three adults and three children being injured.

It was recently reported that a 3-year-old boy that was involved in the crash did not survive the injuries he suffered in the crash. The young driver that struck the other vehicle was arrested and charged with aggravated assault, endangerment and now will likely face manslaughter.

In addition to criminal and traffic penalties, the driver could face civil liabilities for the fatal accident. The loved ones of the deceased young boy could file a wrongful death claim in order to recover the expenses associated with the accident. Those who suffered injuries in the crash could also file a personal injury claim to recover compensation to cover medical bills and damages.

The loss of a loved one is often a difficult time, and in the early stages of coping, it might be difficult to think about filing for compensation. It is important that they understand their rights and options in case filing for compensation is better for them down the road.

Source: Associated Press, “Man Could Face Manslaughter in Fatal Phoenix Crash,” Oct. 07, 2013