Valley Metro Crashes and Injuries

Valley Metro is a regional public transportation agency, that provides transportation services to Valley residents. Valley Metro operates Valley Metro Bus, Valley Metro Rail and transportation programs for commuters, seniors, and those with disabilities, through Dial-a-Ride.

Annual ridership includes bus (over 51,000,000), Dial-a-Ride (over 1,000,000) and van pool (over 1,000,000). Daily ridership is over 200,000 persons. There are over 200 bus lines.

Crashes and injuries occur, due to a variety of causes, including negligent driving, distracted driving, by the operator or another driver on the roadway. Common causes of light rail collisions include vehicles turning left or right in front of the light rail, pedestrians crossing in front of the light rail, vehicles running red lights.

When a crash occurs it is important to promptly investigate who was at fault, what witness statements, videos can be obtained.

If someone is seriously injured in a Valley Metro, bus, van crash, an experienced Phoenix bus accident injury attorney should be contacted as soon as possible.