Arizona Construction and Work Zone Accidents and Injuries

Work zones can be dangerous for the people working in the area, and also for motorists, and pedestrians. In 2015 there was an estimate of over 96,000 crashes in work zones, an almost 8% increase over 2013.

On average, in 2015:

· A work zone crash occurred once every 5.4 minutes.

· Every day, 70 work zone crashes occurred that resulted in at least one injury.

· Every week, 12 work zone crashes occurred that resulted in at least one fatality.

In 2014, there were 669 fatalities from crashes in work zones. This amounted to 2% of all roadway fatalities nationally. Crash data included the following:

· Lack of seatbelt use was a factor in 133 (25%)

· Speeding was a factor in 172 (28%)

· Alcohol was cited as a factor in 132 (25%)

· Time of Day – 65% were classified as daytime crashes and 35% were classified as nighttime crashes.

· Day of Week – Fatal crashes occurred more frequently on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday than other days of the week.

· Time of Year – Fatal crashes occurred more frequently during Summer months (May-September).

Common risks related to construction zone accidents include unreasonable speed, failure to follow construction signs, distracted driving, unsafe, or high speed merging, negligent traffic plans or execution, and unsafe signage.

Workers are vulnerable to drivers that are inattentive serious injuries and fatalities may occur, these accidents and collisions are often highly preventable.