Three-vehicle collision seriously injures two in Arizona crash

It is not uncommon to see various types of vehicles on the roadways whether a driver is traveling on a major, residential or rural road. In some cases, a driver will encounter massive vehicles such as a tractor-trailer, dump truck or a garbage truck. These large vehicles do not handle the same way as other automobiles and are not as easy to maneuver and stop. In addition, they often have large blind spots. This makes it especially important for truck drivers and those traveling near a truck to be extra cautious in order to avoid a collision.

A recent multiple-vehicle collision in Gilbert resulted is several seriously injured victims. Arizona authorities responded to the three-vehicle crash that involved a dump truck, a pickup truck and an automobile. Preliminary reports indicate that the crash took place in the morning at the major intersection of Higley Road and Queen Creek Road.

Emergency crews responded to the car accident and assessed those involved. Following extrication from their vehicles, two were transported via helicopters for the serious injuries they suffered. Three other were injured, but they were reported as non-serious. Those three were transported to the hospital for medical treatment as well.

Investigation is still ongoing and officials have yet to report a suspected cause of the collision. Once investigation is complete, authorities should be able to establish cause and liability. If a driver or multiple drivers are at a fault in a multi-vehicle collision, they could be liable for the resulting injuries and damages.

Those injured in a truck accident might have a cause of action. A personal injury suit could be filed against a negligent party in order to receive compensation. In particular, when a commercial vehicle is involved, trucking company liability may also come into play due to federal regulations and the employee-employer relationship. The resulting monetary award could cover expenses associated with the accident.

By keeping accurate record of the accident and participating in the investigative process, injured parties could better understand their situation and decide whether filing for compensation is proper.

Source: The Republic, “2 seriously injured in 3-vehicle accident at Gilbert intersection,” Feb. 3, 2014