Bus crash caused by erratic passenger and injures 24 in Arizona

Arizona residents and tourists often rely on public transportation to get around. Public transit buses and private liners are commonly used to travel within a city, across the state or even for interstate travel. No matter the reason for traveling on a bus, riders often note that the safety features on a bus are often different than those in an automobile. A bus can hold several passengers at the same time but most do not offer a seatbelt or a restraint. If a bus accident does occur, those riding on the bus could suffer serious injuries.

Arizona authorities are currently investigating a bus crash that happened recently. According to reports, the crash involved a Greyhound bus that left from Los Angeles headed toward Dallas. The bus was traveling on Interstate 10 in Tonopah when apparently a passenger attempted to grab the wheel of the bus. This occurred around 2 a.m.

The erratic passenger stated that he was going to flip the bus, and when he tried to get ahold of the steering wheel, the passenger began to pummel the driver. This resulted in the bus crossing the median of the interstate. The bus was traveling about 70 mph at this time and almost collided head-on with other vehicle traveling in the opposite direction.

Other passengers were able to restrain the irate passenger in time for the driver to attempt to maneuver the bus, but the bus crashed along the interstate. Emergency crews arrived to the scene and reported that 24 passengers were injured as a result of the crash and 21 were transported to the hospital.

Investigation is still ongoing. Police charged the violent passenger with 48 counts of felony endangerment in addition to 24 counts of assault and three counts for aggravated assault. In addition to criminal penalties, the passenger could endure civil liabilities. Those injured could file a personal injury suit to recover compensation for medical bills and damages.

A bus crash has the potential to seriously affect numerous passengers. In a crash involving several victims, it is important that they understand their situation and whether or not they have a cause of action. This will help protect their rights and interests.

Source: Fox News, “‘I’m going to flip this bus,’ irate passenger allegedly yells before Arizona crash,” Jan. 23, 2014