Teens in stolen car cause four-car crash

Arizona residents understand that new drivers on the road can create some risks. Speed and distracted driving is a growing concern for drivers, and the newer generations of drivers tend to often be the culprit of these concerns. These dangerous habits could ultimately and unfortunately result in a serious car crash. This not only affects those being negligent, but other drivers and passengers could also be seriously injured or even killed in an accident. This is why it is critical that no matter the age of a driver or how long they have been driving, drivers practice safe driving.

Tucson police officers are investigating an accident that involved four vehicles. Preliminary reports indicate that the accident was caused by two teens traveling in a stolen vehicle. It was alleged that when the teens observed the patrol car making at traffic stop at around 6:30 a.m., the teens sped past him. The officer then left the traffic stop in order to make contact with the vehicle.

When the officer that was pursuing the speeding vehicle arrived at the intersection of Park and Irvington, he observed a four-vehicle collision. Emergency crews were called to the accident site and they assessed everyone involved. The two teens in the stolen vehicle both suffered minor injuries. In the remaining vehicles, two others were injured. One was seriously injured and the other suffered non-life threatening injuries.

The accident is still under investigation and authorities believe that alcohol was a factor. The negligent teen drivers could have a civil suit filed against them making them liable for the injuries suffered and damages sustained. The injured parties could file a personal injury claim in order to gain compensation to cover medical bills, damages and pain and suffering.

Negligent drivers on the road can cause serious accident that impact not only the drivers and passengers involved but also their loved ones. An accident could result in financial burdens and a suit could help lessen the hardships that resulted.

Source: Arizona Daily Star, “2 teens in stolen car involved in 4-vehicle crash on Tucson’s south side,” Kimberly Matas, July 13, 2009