Shoulder and Arm Injuries and Personal Injury Claims

In motor vehicle collision and premises liability claims, it is common for individuals to suffer head, neck, and back injuries. Shoulder and arm injuries are also common, unfortunately recovery may take time. Sometimes surgery takes place, there may be a permanent injury.

Examples of cases that were settled with the at fault party’s insurance carrier include the following:

• As a result of a negligent driver causing a crash, a client suffered a highly comminuted distal humerus (upper arm bone) fracture, requiring open reduction and internal fixation, including a plate, further resulting in a permanent injury.

• An employee entering a Phoenix high-rise office building on Central Avenue tripped and fell as a result of a tripping hazard, a dangerous condition. My client suffered a shoulder dislocation, reduction was unsuccessful. She further underwent manipulation and relocation of the shoulder. An arthrogram revealed multiple tendon and ligament tears. My client underwent surgery, the post operative diagnosis included massive rotator cuff tear, dislocated tendon, and hardware was implanted. A permanent injury was sustained.

• A truck driver client of mine was in his vehicle when it was hit by a dealership owned Hummer, he was forced to undergo rotator cuff repair, with tissue graft transplant, requiring hardware.

• Another client was the victim of a car crash, he suffered rotator cuff tendonitis and impingement syndrome. Injections and arthroscopy took place.

These cases further show that physical recovery may be complicated, there may be long term consequences, settlement should not be rushed.