Seattle Archdiocese Sexual Abuse 9.1 Million Dollar Settlement

The Seattle Archdiocese has settled a sexual abuse case brought by eight women who alleged that they were molested by a priest four decades ago. The case settled for 9.1 million dollars.

A psychiatrist’s letter was discovered, along with other documents, reporting that a priest was a pedophile, who needed to be removed from the parish, as soon as possible. The letter was written in 1962, the women were abused between 1968 and 1975.

The priest told the psychiatrist that he had molested young girls. The priest served in a number of parishes in Washington, and later testified that he molested up to 40 girls.

There were allegations that the Archdiocese allowed the priest to remain on the job, despite knowing of the priest’s crimes, and that the psychiatrist’s letter was part of a secret file kept by the Church.

In January of this year, Seattle Archdiocese published a list of 77 priests and others accused of assaulting children in Washington. The Archbishop stated the settlement demonstrated its commitment to acknowledge the devastating impact of clergy sexual abuse, and to encourage victims to come forward.