Pedestrian struck and killed due to nearby crash

Negligent drivers not only affect those driving or traveling on the road, but those near the roadways could be affected as well. Collateral damage could occur to public and private property also, and bystanders could easily become involved in the accident. This is why some major collisions could become a multiple crash accident because the vehicles involved have several impact points with additional cars, property and even pedestrians.

A tragic accident occurred recently in Phoenix following a two-car accident. A pedestrian bystander was injured and killed due to the accident. According to the preliminary reports, the collision took place at around 5:00 p.m. near the intersection of 29th Street and Greenway Parkway. The automobile crash occurred when a vehicle traveling westbound on Greenway Parkway attempted to make a left turn onto 29th Street. During that attempt the car was struck by another vehicle traveling through the intersection.

At the time of the collision, a pedestrian was standing at a corner waiting to cross the street. One of the cars involved in the crash collided with the pedestrian standing in close proximity to the accident site. Emergency crewmembers pronounced the 37-year-old man dead at the scene. Authorities reported minor injuries to those inside the two vehicles.

The accident is still under investigation and no citations were issued initially. Once completed, authorities should be able to determine cause and any liability. If a driver was negligent, they could be liable for the resulting damages, injuries and deaths. The loved ones of the deceased man could file a wrongful death claim. This could help them recover compensation to recover costs, such as funeral expenses and lost wages. Those injured in the crash could file a personal injury claim in order to receive a monetary award to cover medical bills and damages.

A serious or fatal crash could seriously affect those involved and their loved ones. A negligent driver could take the life of a loved one, and those affected could have a cause against them.

Source: AZ Family, “Bystander killed in NE Phoenix car accident identified,” Tami Hoey, Dec. 30, 2013