Collision occurs after car runs red light in Arizona

A simple distraction could cause a driver to travel too fast, drive too closely to another vehicle or miss a traffic sign or signal. This could lead to a serious or even fatal motor vehicle collision.

A two-car collision recently occurred in Fort Mohave after a vehicle allegedly ran a red light. According to preliminary reports, a Monte Carlo traveling northbound on Highway 95 supposedly ran the red light at the intersection with Camp Mohave Road. While the vehicle was traveling through the red light, a PT Cruiser was attempting to make a left turn onto Camp Mohave Road from the southbound lanes of Highway 95. This resulted in a collision.

After emergency crews arrived to the scene they announced that the female driver of the PT Cruiser suffered moderate injuries. She was extricated from the vehicle and flown to the hospital for medical treatment. The male driver of the Monte Carlo lost consciousness following the collision and also injured his knee and shoulder.

The accident remains under investigation. Once the investigation is completed authorities should be able to determine cause and liability in the crash. If a driver is negligent and causes an accident, those affected might have a cause of action. In this case, an injured party could file a personal injury claim. This could allow that party to recover compensation in order to offset the financial burdens that resulted form the crash. Expenses such as medical bills, rehabilitation, lost wages and damages could be covered.

A negligent or distracted driver could cause a serious or even fatal crash. This could affect numerous people even if they were not directly involved in the crash. Those injured by a negligent driver may want to get more information about available causes of action.

Source: Mohave Valley Daily News, “Two injured in collision at Highway 95 & Camp Mohave,” Cat Smith, Jan. 6, 2014