New York City and Albuquerque Police Wrongful Death Settlements

Two highly publicized wrongful death cases involving the New York City and Albuquerque police departments have been settled.

On July 14, 2014 officers attempted to arrest Eric Garner, for allegedly selling untaxed cigarettes. New York City agreed to pay the family of Eric Garner 5.9 million dollars, following his death after being placed in a chokehold by a New York City Police Department Officer.

The City stated that the settlement acknowledges the tragic nature of the death, although no sum of money can make the family whole.

Albuquerque will pay 5 million dollars following the death last year of James Boyd, a homeless man, a wrongful death lawsuit was pending. It was claimed that the death was needless, preventable. There was also a video that appeared to show the decedent turning away, six shots were fired.

28 people were shot to death in Albuquerque police over the last five years, causing protests regarding excessive force by the police department, particularly concerning contacts with the mentally ill.

Perhaps these two settlements will trigger discussion and reforms regarding how police encounter people.