Light Rail Extension on 19th Avenue Poses Dangers to Drivers, Pedestrians, Bicyclists

There is an extensive and expensive expansion of the Valley Metro Light Rail, on 19thAvenue, from Dunlap, further crossing Northern, Glendale and Bethany Home Road, to the Montebello Park and Ride in Phoenix. This is a densely populated area. Thousands of vehicles, including buses and trucks, go north and south in this location, every day. The construction of the 19th Avenue extension has created countless ongoing safety issues and concerns.

The path of the project is parallel to schools, bus stops, grocery stores, gas stations, churches, businesses and apartment complexes. Pedestrians, drivers and bicyclists have to use extra caution, due to unsafe and frequently changing roadway design.

Traveling south or north on 19th Avenue, on this over three mile roadway, one encounters frequent and varying lane closures. There are less east/west crosswalks for pedestrians, due to the median constructed for the light rail. There’s an array of never ending and confusing signs, stating work zone, 25 miles per hour, business access signs, keep right and keep left signs, no left turn lanes and lanes where a left turn or right turn is required. There are countless barriers, temporary bus stops, and innumerable construction vehicles, and construction workers.

Pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists have to be constantly cautious, many have no choice to avoid the area because they live and work nearby. Delays are common, pedestrians and motorists have been justifiably frustrated. Nighttime poses even more visibility issues and dangers.

The construction is scheduled to continue into 2016. Negligence claims against the Light Rail and subject to Notice of Claim requirements.