Gilbert Police and Distracted Drivers

Gilbert police are trying to prevent distracted driving tragedies, like the death of Officer Bryant Homes. A distracted driver ran a red light, hit his motorcycle, and killed him, last October.

More traffic stops and warnings and public service safety announcements are anticipated. Gilbert has 10 fatalities so far this year. Police Chief Tim Dorn states that people also need to police themselves, avoid cell phone use, and other distractions while driving, to prevent injury and fatal collisions.

It is believed that distracted driving can lead to failure to maintain a lane, swerving into a bicycle lane, speeding, following too closely, and making wide turns.

Dorn also referred to another tragedy, where a pedestrian was walking on the sidewalk in Gilbert. A driver who was texting rear-ended the vehicle in front of her, the second vehicle went on to the sidewalk, struck the pedestrian, who has been in a coma for months.

Source: Arizona Republic, “Gilbert puts brakes on distracted drivers,” Jim Walsh, July 12, 2015.