Fatal crash in Phoenix kills one and injures two

Drivers in Arizona understand that roadways can be the setting for various types of incidents. An accident could occur suddenly and could involve numerous vehicles. Whether a driver is negligent or distracted, they put several lives at risk. A driver could injure themselves, while injuring or even killing passengers and others traveling on the road. A fatal motor vehicle accident could affect many, especially, the loved ones of the deceased.

Authorities in Phoenix responded recently to a fatal crash that involved multiple vehicles. The crash occurred on Interstate 17 at around 5:40 a.m. According to preliminary reports, the collision initiated when the driver of a Chevrolet Malibu lost control of their vehicle, struck the median then collided with another vehicle.

The crash between the two vehicles caused the passenger in the Malibu to be ejected from the vehicle and was struck by several vehicles traveling on the roadway. When a Good Samaritan stopped to assist those involved, they were struck by an SUV that did not stop after the collision.

When emergency crews arrived to the scene, the woman ejected from the car was pronounced dead. The Samaritan that was struck by the SUV is in stable condition, and the driver of the car struck by the Malibu was injured but is not in critical condition.

Authorities reported that the driver of the Malibu was charged with manslaughter, and the driver of the SUV was charged with a felony hit-and-run. In addition to criminal penalties, these drivers could endure civil liabilities. The injured parties could file a personal injury lawsuit and the loved ones of the deceased could file a wrongful death claim. These could result in compensation that would be used to cover expenses, such as medical bills, funeral costs, damages and pain and suffering.

A serious or fatal accident can be a difficult event to be involved in. Furthermore, they could result in financial hardships. Understanding whether an individual could file a cause of action could help them alleviate these financial burdens.

Source: KPHO, “Fatal crash closes Interstate 17 in Phoenix,” April 5, 2014