Bill Cosby Faces Criminal Prosecution and Civil Damages Claims

Bill Cosby is facing a criminal prosecution in Pennsylvania, involving charges of aggravated indecent assault.

Regardless of the result of the criminal case there are also pending civil lawsuits accusing him of sexual abuse and defamation. Those cases may continue and be successful, without a guilty verdict in the criminal case.

A similar example is the O.J. Simpson case, where a damages judgement was entered in a civil case, where there is a lower burden of proof to prove responsibility, following Simpson’s acquittal in the murder case.

The women who claimed defamation allege that Cosby’s team has called them liars, by denying their allegations. Cosby has also claimed that he has been defamed.

Cosby’s financial assets are at risk. Cosby is also subject to awards of civil punitive damages against him, given the nature of the allegations against him, and his net worth.