Arizona Child-Care Facilities Have Been Faulted

Parents place their children in day care facilities, believing that the safety of their children will be protected.

A recent report by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services criticized Arizona officials for inadequate oversight of commercial and at home child-care facilities. The report states that Arizona’s state agency failed to properly monitor child-care providers.

Examples of lax oversight included hazardous conditions, such as exposure to dangerous equipment and tools and unsecured storage boxes that were toppling risks, which were violations of health and safety regulations, and risks to children.

Previously I represented a seven year old autistic child whose mother entrusted his day care to a commercial child care, after school day care facility in central Phoenix. At the facility he was not supervised and he sustained burns when he accessed an uncovered electrical outlet. He was hospitalized at the Burn Center at Maricopa County Medical Center, for burns to his hands and abdomen, extensive medical bills were incurred.

The Probate Court approved the settlement with the insurance company for the child care facility.

Source: Arizona Republic, “Federal report blasts Arizona for being lax on child-care monitoring” Paul Giblin, February 11, 2015