Young girl dies after fatal crash in Phoenix

Roadways are often the stage of tragedy. Most drivers and passengers do not expect that they will be involved in a car accident because most happen suddenly and unexpectedly. Even when travelers take precaution and wear their seatbelt and practice safe driving, this does not protect them from negligent drivers. A driver who fails to uphold a duty to drive safely could cause a serious or even fatal accident affecting numerous people.

Phoenix police recently responded to a three-vehicle collision that occurred around 7:15 p.m. on83rd Avenue. According to preliminary reports, a woman who was 7-months pregnant was traveling south on 83rd Avenue in a SUV when she suddenly veered the vehicle to the left into oncoming traffic. This resulted in her sideswiping a car, causing it to spin counterclockwise and coming to a stop in the southbound lanes facing south.

The SUV remained in the northbound lanes and nearly struck a pickup truck head-on. The two vehicles collided, and when emergency crews arrived at the scene of the accident, they reported that everyone inside the vehicles were seriously injured. No injuries were reported in the car that was sideswiped.

The driver of the pickup truck and the front seat passenger were seriously injured. A 3-year-old and a 4-year-old were in the back seat of the pickup truck. Both were wearing seatbelts, but were not in a car seat. Both children were critically injured. All were transported to the hospital, but the 4-year-old girl did not survive the injuries she suffered.

The pregnant driver of the SUV delivered her baby prematurely, and the baby is sill in critical condition. The condition of the mother is not available at this time. The fatal motor vehicle accident is still under investigation, and authorities are still trying to determine cause and whether impairment was a factor.

Following a fatal accident, the driver at fault could face serious penalties and liabilities. Those injured could file a personal injury suit and the loved ones of the deceased could file a wrongful death claim. This could allow for compensation to be awarded and bills such as medical expenses, funeral costs, damages and pain and suffering could be covered.

A fatal accident is a difficult event to cope with. Those affected should understand that they could have a cause of action. This could help them deal with the financial burdens while helping overall with the coping process.

Source: AZ Central, “Phoenix police identify girl, 4, killed in crash,” Jackee Coe, March 02, 2014