Wrong Way Drivers, Thermal Camera Effectiveness

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A new report details the workings and effectiveness of the pilot thermal camera system engineered by the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) to reduce the number of wrong way drivers along Interstate 17 in Phoenix. Since it began operating in 2018, the thermal camera system has detected more than 100 vehicles traveling the wrong way.

The system’s thermal cameras are positioned to detect wrong-way vehicles entering off-ramps or traveling along the freeway in areas between the I-10 “Stack” interchange near downtown and the Loop 101 interchange in north Phoenix.

Through a computerized decision-support system, the system triggers to illuminate “Wrong Way” signs with flashing red lights aimed at getting the attention of wrong-way drivers. Most vehicles captured on the cameras traveled the wrong way on exit ramps and frontage roads before turning around without actually entering I-17 in the wrong direction.

When a wrong-way vehicle is detected, the system immediately alerts the Arizona Department of Public Safety and ADOT. Law enforcement dispatches and ADOT notify other freeway drivers with “Wrong Way Driver Ahead/Exit Freeway” warnings on overhead message boards. Compared to waiting for 9-1-1 calls from other drivers, immediate alerts from the thermal cameras allow for faster response times by law enforcement.

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