Why Have Uninsured Motorist Coverage in Arizona?

Unfortunately, although it is required, many Arizona drivers do not have liability insurance in effect.

Uninsured motorist (UM) coverage covers you when the at fault driver does not have insurance and you or your passengers are injured. The UM coverage is important, given the significant percentage of uninsured drivers in Arizona. The UM coverage is not part of required coverage, but it must be offered.

Unfortunately, many Arizonans do not have any, or enough, UM coverage, to protect themselves, when they are hit by uninsured drivers.

Examples of practical applications of the benefits of UM coverage, include the following:

• A client of mine was rear-ended, the other driver fled the scene, this was a hit and run crash; my client’s UM coverage applied, to cover her personal injury claim, for medical bills, lost income, and her injuries, otherwise she would have been uncompensated.

• A client of mine was driving, his vehicle was hit, my client sustained injuries. The other driver claimed to have insurance, it had lapsed, so my client’s UM coverage applied, to provide him compensation for his injury claim.

UM coverage may also cover you if you are a pedestrian or a bicyclist, and you are injured by an at fault uninsured driver. There should be an inquiry regarding the available car insurance, in the injured person’s household, to see if there may be UM coverage.