Unlicensed teen causes fatal accident killing 3 siblings

Every time a driver gets behind the wheel, they could encounter a danger on the roadways. Incidents can occur of all magnitudes on the road, and some could seriously affect those involved and their loved ones. A negligent driver could cause a serious crash that could result in fatalities. This could lead to serious consequences for the liable driver.

A recent fatal accident involved the death of three young boys. The head-on collision involved a van driven by a 16-year-old carrying his six young siblings and a sedan driven by a man in his 40’s carrying his 4-year-old daughter. The accident happened at around 7:20 a.m. when the young driver was transporting his siblings to school.

According to preliminary reports by the Phoenix Police Department, the 16-year-old driver was not licensed and only applied for a learner’s permit. The accident is presumed to have occurred when the teen attempted to pass a vehicle on the shoulder of the road. The driver overcorrected and drove into oncoming traffic. This resulted in the head-on collision with the sedan.

Emergency crews dispatched to the accident site found that three of the children in the minivan were ejected from the vehicle. One of the boys was pronounced dead at the scene. The other two were transported to the hospital where they later died. The driver of the minivan and the two remaining passengers suffered injuries but are expected to survive them. The driver of the sedan and his 4-year-old daughter were reported to be in critical condition.

The accident remains under investigation, but the teen could face serious criminal charges. In addition, the injured parties in the sedan could file a personal injury suit against the negligent driver. Because the driver is a minor, the suit will have to be filed against their parent or guardian. This could result in compensation to cover medical bills, rehabilitation, damages and pain and suffering.

A negligent driver could cause a serious accident that not only affects those inside their vehicle but those in other vehicles as well. In addition, the loved ones of those injured or killed in an accident are often emotionally and economically affected. Those suffering after an accident caused by a negligent driver should understand their options to receive compensation and what steps are necessary to overcome any financial burdens.

Source: Daily Reporter, “Head-on collision in Phoenix kills 3 young brothers, critically injures 2 others,” Aug. 5, 2013