Two motorcyclists cut off in Arizona motor vehicle accident

A motorcyclist was just injured when another driver presumably turned in front of two motorcyclists on Highway 69 in Prescott, Arizona.  The motorcyclist was then taken by air to a Phoenix hospital.

The collision occurred at around 10:40 in the morning.  Though the first motorcyclist was able to avoid a collision, the second struck the vehicle.  The injuries that the rider suffering were serious in nature and may be life threatening.  The highway was closed for some time to allow for the medical helicopter to land, and for investigating officers to attempt to find out what happened.

The driver was described as an elderly man.  It is not yet known whether charges will be filed against the driver of the vehicle that was struck by the motorcycle.  Whether age did or did not play a role in the accident, we do know that many motorcycle accidents occur because other drivers on the road either do not yield to motorcycle riders, or these drivers are simply not paying attention to motorcycle riders being on the road.

Drivers often assume a motorcycle is not present because they do not see them in their mirrors or check out every blind spot. Sometimes drivers go through stop signs or turn into an intersection without closely checking to see if a motorcycle is approaching the intersection.

Yet no matter how simple such an accident is, severe injuries or fatalities to the motorcycle rider will often be the ultimate result. Victims involved in such accidents and their family members will require assistance and counseling including advice from an attorney.

Source: The Daily Courier, “Motorcyclist seriously hurt in collision on Highway 69 in Prescott,” by Lisa Irish, May 29, 2013