Tempe’s Most Dangerous Intersections

Data from the Arizona Department of Transportation has identified the top 10 collision prone intersections in Tempe, as follows:

• Rural Road/University Drive

• Price Road/Broadway Road

• Mill Avenue/Southern Avenue

• Price Road/Baseline Road

• McClintock Drive/Broadway Road

• Rural Road/Broadway Road

• Rural Road/Southern Avenue

• Price Road/University Drive

• McClintock Drive/University Drive

• Price Drive/University Drive

Most of the high crash intersections are within a few miles of Arizona State University, but not exclusively. Baseline and Interstate 10, Guadalupe Road and McClintock Drive and Elliot and Priest also had notably high rates of crashes.

Factors that contribute to the causes of the collisions include speed, inattention, congestion, heavy pedestrian and bicycle traffic.

Safety improvements that have been considered have included upgraded lighting, more traffic signals, widened right turn bays, pedestrian countdown times, adding left turn on arrow only signals, and repainting lines.