Taxi strikes and injures officer on motorcycle

In Arizona, residents can see locals and tourists traveling by motorcycle throughout the year. Whether the biker is traveling a short distance or is traveling through numerous towns and several states, risks are associated with motorcycles. These small vehicles are not equipped with the same safety features as an automobile, so when a motorcycle accident occurs, the motorcyclist is usually injured.

Emergency crews recently responded to a motorcycle accident in Tempe that involved a local taxicab and a police officer on a motorcycle. The collision between the two vehicles occurred when the taxi driver made an illegal U-turn. When the cab struck the officer’s bike, he was thrown of and landed on the street. When responders reached the scene of the accident, they assessed the officer. He was transported to the hospital for the serious injuries he suffered.

The accident remains under investigation and the cab driver was issued two citations. An accident caused by the negligence by another driver can also result in liabilities. A driver could be liable for any injuries suffered or damage caused by their negligence. A person injured in an accident like this could file a personal injury claim in order to gain compensation. Expenses such as medical bills, rehabilitation, lost wages and damages could be covered.

Those traveling on the roadways should always be aware of motorcycles on the road. They are small vehicles that can often go unnoticed. Motorcycles could be hidden in a vehicles blind spot. It is not only important that drivers check before switching lanes, but it is equally important for motorcyclist to be sure that other vehicles see them and avoid being in their blind spots.

Source: KPHO, “Police: Tempe officer on motorcycle hit by cabbie,” Steven Thorvardson, June 24, 2013