Scottsdale Collisions and Injuries

Arizona and the Valley have been ranked among the top ten places in the country where pedestrians are likely to be hit and killed by a vehicle.

Scottsdale’s downtown entertainment district has a large number of bars and nightclubs which attract thousands of people on weekend nights.

The Arizona Republic has reported on the frequency of collisions involving vehicles and pedestrians, in particular the area between Scottsdale and Miller Roads, on Camelback. Some have advocated traffic calming devices, better lighting, more crosswalks and traffic signals to protect pedestrians.

Scottsdale has hundreds of bars and restaurants, which results in drunk drivers on the roads. I represented two University of Arizona students, who were leaving a coffee shop, traveling in their vehicle eastbound on Shea, near Hayden. Another driver was impaired and overserved at a Scottsdale bar, she drove her vehicle at 80 miles per hour in a 45 miles per hour zone, she rear ended my clients’ vehicle. The crash resulted in totaled vehicles, my clients suffered numerous traumatic injuries.

Personal injury claims were pursued and settlements were obtained with the drunk driver’s insurance company, and the Scottsdale bar that overserved the drunk driver.