Help! I’ve Been In an Uber Accident!

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Many people choose to use some form of ride-sharing for many different reasons. Perhaps you want to save money and help the environment. Perhaps you live in a city and owning a car does not make sense for you. Or, perhaps you had a little too much to drink at a party and are doing the responsible thing and taking an Uber home. Whatever your reasons are, you use Uber because you trust that the person you are getting into the car with will get you from point A to point B safely. However, this is not always the case. Unfortunately, Uber drivers are just as prone to getting into accidents as any other drivers on the road, and when this happens, it can be particularly stressful and scary for the passenger in the Uber, and you may be unsure of what the protocol is next. For more information on what to do after an Uber accident, keep reading.

What Are Your First Steps?

First, assess the damage. Always make sure you are physically out of harm’s way and check to see the kind of personal injuries that you have sustained from the accident. Also, check to see if the driver is okay, and if necessary, always call 9-1-1 if anyone has sustained severe trauma.

How Does Insurance Work With Uber?

This can become complicated quickly. Normally in a car accident, you file a claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance company and go on your way. However, if your Uber driver is at fault and you want to file with his or her insurance company, you might run into problems. Unfortunately, most ride-sharing drivers (like those who work for Uber) will not likely have a commercial or personal car insurance policy that covers passenger injuries if the driver got into an accident while performing for-profit work. Is there any other way to get compensation for your injuries and file a claim?

Uber’s Insurance Policy

Uber carries a third-party insurance policy that will pay for personal injuries a passenger sustained while they were riding in an Uber vehicle. If, for example, you received some compensation from the driver’s insurance company but it was not enough to pay for all your medical expenses, Uber’s insurance policy will then kick in, if it was the Uber driver who was at fault for the car accident.

If, on the other hand, the Uber driver was not the one responsible for the car accident, you would go about filing like you normally would: file a claim against the at-fault driver in the other car. Under certain circumstances, the ride-sharing company—like Uber—may have uninsured/underinsured insurance coverage that a passenger can also use to help pay for their personal injuries if the person in the other car drove off or have they do not have any car insurance.

Finding the Right Option For You

Getting into an accident when you were a passenger in an Uber car can become complex when you may be unsure of who is at fault and who you should file a claim with. A Lyft and Uber accident lawyer Philadelphia offers wants to help make this situation as simple as possible and get you the compensation you deserve after sustaining personal injuries.



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