Government Employees Can Be Liable for Negligent Driving

In the last year I represented clients who were seriously injured as a result of negligent driving, in one case by a Maricopa County Sheriff’s deputy, in another case by a Tempe police officer.

Each of the officers was on the job at the time. In one case, a deputy’s vehicle ran a stop sign in New River, and caused a rollover collision with my clients’ vehicle, injuring my clients. In another case a Tempe police officer’s vehicle rear ended my client’s car. There were extensive injuries and vehicular damage in each crash.

These cases were unusual, not only because police officers were responsible. More importantly, when for example a city or state governmental employee, such as a police officer or a school bus driver, causes a crash that results in injuries or death the general rule is that a Notice of Claim must be properly prepared and timely served. If the Notice of Claim requirements are not properly satisfied it is possible that the claim may be denied or dismissed.

It’s bad enough if an innocent person is injured as a result of another party’s negligent driving. However, if the negligent driver was a governmental employee the government has enacted laws that make pursuing injury and wrongful death claims more complicated.

It is essential that the Notice of Claim be pursued in a timely and correct manner, so that fair compensation for damages may be obtained.