Freak pedestrian accident caused by nearby crash

When Arizona residents think about accidents on the roadway, they often consider those who are directly involved. Although a car crash can seriously affect drivers and passengers in the vehicles involved, the surrounding area can also be subject to damage and injuries. A bystander, other vehicles and public and private property could be affected. This could turn a minor initial collision into an overall tragic accident.

A freak accident recently occurred in Phoenix. Authorities reported that a two-vehicle collision caused a pedestrian bystander to suffer severe injuries that claimed his life. The 25-year-old man was walking in the direction away from the intersection where an automobile collision occurred. A light pole was struck during the crash, which caused the pole to fall and land on the pedestrian killing him instantly.

Phoenix police officers are investigating the pedestrian accident and the car crash. The incident also injured the occupants of one of the vehicles involved. Their injuries were not considered life threatening. It isn’t clear at this time what caused the crash. The investigation should provide more insight.

A fatal car crash can be devastating for the victim’s loved ones. Family members might have a cause of action for a wrongful death. This could result in compensation to recover funeral costs, damages, lost wages and pain and suffering. Those injured could also file a personal injury claim to recover costs and damages.

It can be difficult to cope with and move on from a tragic accident. Loved ones should understand their options to file a claim for compensation. This can help offset any associated costs, which could help progress the coping process.

Source: The Washington Post, “Vehicle in crash at Phoenix intersection hits light pole, which falls on pedestrian, kills him,” Sept. 16, 2013