Fatal Arizona truck accident caused by trucker on cell

Drivers in Arizona understand that traffic can make driving frustrating at times. During heavy traffic or long commutes, drivers seek to take their focus off the frustration. Although some will do that by listening to the radio others choose less safe options such as using their cell phone. Whether a driver is talking on their phone, texting or using the Internet using a cellphone while driver is very distracting and could cause an accident.

A fatal truck accident occurred on an Arizona highway in May and the video footage from the dash camera was recently revealed. The crash involved a semi-truck and an emergency vehicle and happened around 5:00 p.m. According to preliminary reports, a 33-year-old trucker was driving the 18-wheeler, and the footage shows that the man’s wallet was placed near the camera and was presumably placed there intentionally to block it. Nonetheless, the footage does show that the man was on his phone while he was behind the wheel.

While the trucker was traveling down Interstate 8, the truck collided with three police cars and two fire trucks that were parked and responded to a roadside accident. According to police reports, an officer was waving his arms frantically to get the attention of the truck driver who crashed into the parked vehicles going 65 mph. Following investigation, it was determined that the man was looking on his phone and on Facebook at the time of the crash. Police charged the truck driver with 20 felony charges, which includes second-degree murder.

In addition to facing criminal liabilities, the truck driver could endure civil liabilities. Those injured could file a personal injury claim and the loved ones of the deceased could file a wrongful death suit. This could result in an award of compensation to cover the expenses associated with the accident such as medical bills, funeral costs and damages.

A truck accident could result in serious injuries, severe damages and fatalities. Those affected should understand that they could alleviate the financial burdens the accident caused by filing for compensation. In addition, filing the claim could help with the healing and coping process.

Source: ABC News, “Truck Driver Was on Facebook at Time of Fatal Crash, Cops Say,” Daisha Riley & Suzan Clarke, Nov. 5, 2013