Elderly couple killed in Glendale fatal motor vehicle accident

It is clear that there are various distractions a driver could encounter while behind the wheel. Currently, texting while driving is considered extremely fatal and has caused a significant amount of fatal accidents. When a driver is not properly paying attention, they could miss a vehicle turning in front of them, the car ahead of them breaking, an upcoming stop sign or a changing traffic signal. A simple distraction could lead to a serious and even fatal crash.

Authorities in Glendale responded to a two-car crash that had three victims. According to preliminary reports, the crash happened around 3:20 p.m. at the intersection of 75th Avenue and Bell Road. A man in his 30’s was traveling north on 75th Avenue when he apparently drove through a red light. This resulted in a collision with another vehicle with two occupants traveling east on Bell Road. The struck vehicle then crashed into an SUV that was traveling next to them.

When emergency crews arrived, they assessed everyone involved in the accident. The car struck in the intersection contained two passengers, a married couple from North Carolina that was in town visiting family. The 71-year-old husband and 70-year-old wife were pronounced dead. The driver of their vehicle suffered injuries and was transported to the hospital for treatment. Both the driver of the car that drove through the red light and the driver of the SUV were treated at the scene for any minor injury they suffered.

The accident is still under investigation, but, if it is confirmed that the driver drove through the red light, as it was suspected, the driver could face serious criminal and civil penalties. Those killed in the crash could have a wrongful death claim filed on their behalf by a loved one, and those injured could file a personal injury claim. These suits could result in compensation being awarded to cover medical expenses, damages and pain and suffering.

A negligent or distracted driver could cause a serious accident that could significantly affect those involved and their loved ones. It is important that following a fatal collision the loved ones seek to understand what options are available.

Source: ABC 15, “Couple visiting from North Carolina killed in Glendale crash,” Dec. 15, 2013