Causes of Truck Collisions

Truck accidents and collisions resulting in serious injuries may be caused by:

• Driving fatigued, distracted driving, or driving while impaired.

• Speeding

• Failure to follow safety training

• Unsafe maneuvering

• Failure to maintain the vehicle, mechanical problems

• Improper loading, overloading

There can be catastrophic injuries and consequences resulting from truck driver or company negligence. An example of injuries caused by trucker and trucking company negligence, is a case where I represented a group of adult friends and their children who were traveling eastbound in a van, on the I-10, east of Quartzite, on their way home to Phoenix. Their stopped vehicle was rear-ended by a Freightliner tractor trailer, going sixty miles per hour, in the early morning. My clients’ vehicle was hit and propelled off the roadway, it rolled over and crashed in the desert.

Aside from the truck driver’s negligence, his hours of driving, the time of the crash and the irregularities in his logs also suggested that he was driving fatigued.

My clients were transported by Air Evac and ambulances to various Phoenix hospitals, each sustained varying traumatic injuries, and extensive medical bills. Following litigation, settlements were reached with the insurance company for the trucking company and the driver.