Arizona Car Crash Injuries and Personal Injury Claims

Following an automobile, truck or motorcycle crash with injuries, caused by the negligence of another party, there are important and common sense steps to follow.

Prompt medical treatment is critical, to assess the injuries, and to get appropriate follow up care.

It’s wise to resist the idea of settling your claim too soon. Personal injury settlements are ordinarily a final settlement, a one time lump sum. Patience often results in a higher, fairer settlement.

Where there are serious injuries, representation by an experienced personal injury lawyer is in your best interests. The adverse party’s insurance company first priority is not the injured victim, the insurance company is more interested in a quick, low settlement.

After a crash, it’s prudent not to make a statement to the other insurance company, it’s also not required to do so. An attorney can also try to obtain helpful liability witness statements.

When appropriate, an attorney is able to litigate for a more fair and reasonable settlement for the injuries and losses suffered.

Posting on social media about your claim or your activities is ill advised, statements and photographs may be accessible and misconstrued.

Following a crash with serious injuries, speaking with an experienced personal injury attorney who gives personal attention to your important case, is the right way to proceed, you’re more likely to get a better settlement for the injuries and damages sustained.