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Wrongful Death Lawyer Phoenix, Arizona

Wrongful Death Lawyer Phoenix, Arizona

How to Find An Experienced Wrongful Death Lawyer in Phoenix, AZ

Wrongful Death Lawyer in Phoenix, AZIn Arizona if there is negligent or wrongful conduct that results in the death of a family member there may be grounds to pursue a wrongful death claim. An experienced wrongful death lawyer Phoenix, AZ should be consulted. A compassionate wrongful death attorney can help you through the legal challenges, process, and litigation, if necessary.

Why did the death occur? Was there negligence, how could the tragedy have been prevented? What are the losses and damages to the survivors of the decedent?

In Arizona, the general rule is that a wrongful death claim may be brought by a surviving spouse, child or parent of the decedent, on behalf of the spouse or children, or parents of the decedent.

The amount of damages that a surviving spouse, parent or child may recover will vary from case to case, there are many variables.

Damages that are considered may include the following:

  • The loss of love, affection and companionship since the death of the decedent and in the future.
  • Pain, grief, sorrow and mental suffering experienced since the death, and in the future.
  • Lost income as a result of the death.

Wrongful death cases are usually resolved through settlement with the adverse party’s insurance company or by a jury. The claim is usually pursued against an individual, a company, or a governmental entity, usually an insurance carrier is involved.

Wrongful death claims may arise out of numerous types of situations, such as collisions involving motorcyclists, pedestrians, other vehicles, commercial vehicles, or trucks.

When a State of Arizona entity or employee may be responsible for the wrongful death then there are Notice of Claim requirements that need to be properly satisfied. For example, under A.R.S. §12-821, A.R.S. §12-821.01 there are time limits within which a claim shall be filed against a public entity, the claim must contain sufficient facts outlining the basis of the claim. The claim must also contain a specific amount that it may be settled for, representation by an experienced wrongful death lawyer Phoenix, AZ, is essential.

The wrongful death attorney should have the necessary experience, resources and commitment to competently represent the interests of the survivors and deal with the other party’s insurance company.  

The following considerations are important in selecting an experienced wrongful death lawyer. Will your attorney be available to meet and consult with you, have your phone calls promptly returned, fully explain the process, and be there for discussions, when the need arises?

The wrongful death attorney should learn about the decedent’s story, the family’s losses and how the family has suffered, emotionally and financially, since the death. Your attorney should be someone you can trust and feel comfortable with, in the efforts to achieve a fair and just resolution of the case, by way of settlement or trial. The attorney will be able to evaluate the claims and discuss the legal steps forward.

The possibility of punitive damages should also be considered. There should be a free confidential consultation with the experienced wrongful death lawyer in Phoenix, AZ, there should be no fees or costs charged unless there is a settlement.