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Premises Liability Lawyer Phoenix Arizona

Premises Liability Lawyer Phoenix Arizona

Premises Liability Lawyer, Phoenix AZ

Premises Liability Lawyer, Phoenix AZIf you, a friend or family member has fallen and been seriously injured as a result of an unsafe or dangerous condition there may be a personal injury claim, a premises liability lawyer Phoenix, AZ should be consulted.

Premises liability refers to a landowner or store owner’s fault for another’s injuries. A fall may occur due to a dangerous condition, that was in existence for an extended period of time, that the landowner knew about and failed to repair, or that the landowner created.

For example, there may be a failure to place caution signs or clean up a substance, where the landowner was given an opportunity to remedy. In some instances, serious injuries, such as fractures, may result from the landowner’s negligence, a premises liability lawyer Phoenix, AZ may be able to further, investigate what happened, potential fault, and represent the injured person.

Further examples of conditions that may be a risk to the public include wet mopped floors, wet jetways, uneven walkways, or entryways, and areas considered a tripping hazard where others have fallen.

An example of a premises liability case that I handled involved a woman who fell in a grocery store, where the floor had just been mopped. The store usually mopped the floor before closing time. In this case, not enough wet floor signs had been placed, at the right locations, before my client fell. Mopping should not have occurred while the store was open, this was contrary to the store’s safety policies and procedures. Serious leg fractures and surgery resulted from the fall. Following litigation a settlement was reached.

Another case I handled involved a woman who tripped and fell due to an uneven and unsafe entry way into an office building. It was learned that other people tripped and fell due to this known, unsafe tripping hazard. Shoulder fractures and surgery resulted, following litigation a settlement was obtained.

Construction site areas and city streets may be unsafe, and dangerous to the public. I represented a woman who was seriously injured when a golf cart she was in overturned due to an unpaved construction trench which crossed a city street. The trench was part of an ongoing construction project. My client was a passenger in a golf cart which proceeded over the trench. After going over the trench the front wheels of the golf cart came off, the golf cart rolled over. My client was thrown to the pavement, she sustained serious injuries, including neck and arm and dental fractures. Following litigation, the city, general contractor and subcontractor were all held responsible for the unsafe and dangerous condition, a settlement took place.

If negligence can be established then there is an evaluation of the nature, extent of the injuries, how the injuries have affected the injured party’s employment, activities and quality of life. What are the medical bills, lost income, since the date of injury, and in the future. Are there permanent injuries?

Premises liability claims are usually settled, with or without litigation, sometimes they are resolved at trial. A premises liability lawyer Phoenix, AZ can help to determine whether there is negligence, what are the realistic chances and costs of pursuing the claim, and what is a fair and reasonable amount of compensation for the injured party.