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Pedestrian Injury Lawyer Phoenix Arizona

Pedestrian Injury Lawyer Phoenix Arizona

Pedestrian Injury Lawyer Phoenix AZ

Arizona Pedestrian Deaths

Pedestrian Injury Lawyer Phoenix AZDespite efforts to increase safety for pedestrians walking the streets of the Valley, injuries and deaths of people continue to be serious safety issues. Phoenix has seen a 200 percent increase in pedestrian deaths over the last 10 years. In 2019 alone, there were more than 110 pedestrians killed in Phoenix. A pedestrian injury lawyer Phoenix AZ can advise a victim concerning the litigation process. 

Here are a list of just some of the collisions incidents involving pedestrians:

  • In Scottsdale of March 2020, a two-year-old boy was killed near Hayden and Via Linda after a driver lost control of the SUV they were driving, drove up onto a sidewalk and struck the child.
  • In Phoenix of March 2020, a woman was hurt after she was hit by a car in the area of 19th Avenue and Camelback Road.
  • In Phoenix of February 2020, a pedestrian suffered life-threatening injuries after she was struck by a vehicle in a hit-and-run collision near Interstate 17 and Dunlap Avenue.
  • In Phoenix of February 2020, investigators say a man was hit and killed by a car after he tried to cross 27th Avenue mid-block south of Bethany Home Road.
  • In Scottsdale of February 2020, a driver, accused of being under the influence of alcohol, was arrested for hitting and killing a pedestrian.
  • In Phoenix of February 2020, a driver hit a woman who was walking on the shoulder of the road near Indian School, near 99th Avenue. Authorities say the victim was pushing a shopping cart on the road because there is no sidewalk on either side in this area of the city. A pedestrian injury lawyer Phoenix AZ will investigate fault, and applicable insurance policies.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 32 percent of all pedestrian fatalities occur between 8:00 p.m. and 11:59 p.m. The NHTSA advises pedestrians to follow all traffic laws and to wear lightly colored or reflective clothing to be the most visible to drivers.

The Phoenix City Council approved $2 million for updated street lighting, adding more pedestrian crossing lights, updating crosswalks and adding medians in high trafficked areas.  Phoenix is also considering changes to the jaywalking ordinance. Current city code states that a first jaywalking offense would just result in a warning from police and a second violation could lead to a $250.00 fine.
In some cases an accident reconstructionist may be necessary, or a life care planner when there are permanent injuries, future medical costs. There should be no fee for a consultation with an attorney, fees should apply only if there is a settlement.

If you or someone you know is hurt while walking, you may be entitled to compensation. A pedestrian injury lawyer Phoenix AZ can evaluate liability and the amount of damages you may claim for your injuries, lost income, medical bills and pain and suffering. The attorney can further advise you regarding the settlement and litigation process, depositions and expert witness testimony that may be needed. Contact the law office of Paul Englander, PLC today.

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