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Pedestrian Injury Lawyer Mesa Arizona

Pedestrian Injury Lawyer Mesa Arizona

Pedestrian Fatalities Continue to Rise in Arizona

Pedestrian Injury Lawyer Mesa, AZPedestrian crashes and bicycle crashes account for almost 25% of the more than 1,000 people who are killed in motor vehicle accidents each year. Arizona is a state with one of the highest numbers of pedestrian deaths. A pedestrian injury lawyer Mesa, AZ can advise a crash victim regarding potential claims and damages suffered as a result of a collision.

According to a report by the Arizona Department of Transportation, in 2018 1,764 vehicle crashes involved pedestrians in Arizona, a continuation of the increase in pedestrian crashes in recent years. 242 of those crashes involved one or more fatalities, killing a total of 245 people.

Pedestrian accidents have increased in number by more than 1,000 between 2016 and 2018. Fatalities due to motor vehicle crashes involving pedestrians have increased by almost 63% in four years.

Many of these crashes are occurring at “mid-block,” or away from an intersection where a traffic signal or stop sign is more likely in place.  Researchers also state that factors such as the speed of the vehicle, lighting in the area, the time of day, pedestrians wearing dark clothing, reckless or distracted driving, and an increase in traffic congestion in the Phoenix area may be contributing to the increase in pedestrian deaths in recent years.  A pedestrian injury lawyer Mesa, AZ can investigate liability, obtain witness statements, consult with an accident reconstructionist.

Alberto Gutier, director of the Arizona Governor’s Office of highway Safety, cited the lack of markings, cross walks, or traffic-control devices on intersections across the Valley as factors that increase the likelihood of a pedestrian to be involved in a vehicle accident. Furthermore, Gutier stated that another big issue in Arizona is drivers not watching closely to see if a pedestrian is crossing the road before they make a right-hand turn.

In an effort to decrease the number of pedestrians killed each year, the Phoenix City Council approved a $200 million safety improvement budget in November of 2018. This sum of money will go towards better street lighting, pedestrian crossing signals, cross walk markings.

In Arizona, a wrongful death claim may be brought by a surviving spouse, child or parent of the decedent, on behalf of the spouse or children, or parents of the decedent.

The amount of damages that a surviving spouse, parent or child may recover will differ from case to case, there are many variables.  Damages that are considered may include the following:

  • The loss of love, affection, and companionship since the death of the decedent and in the future.
  • The pain, grief, sorrow and mental suffering experienced since the death, and in the future.
  • The lost income sustained as a result of the death.

In Arizona, when a governmental entity or employee may be responsible for the wrongful death there are Notice of Claim requirements that need to be properly satisfied.  There are time limits within which a claim shall be filed against a public entity, the claim must contain sufficient facts outlining the basis of the claim.  The claim must also contain a specific amount that it may be settled for, representation by an attorney is critical in serious injury, wrongful death cases.

A pedestrian injury lawyer Mesa, AZ can explain the litigation process, the risks, costs of going to trial.  A consultation should be free, there should be no fees or costs unless a settlement is obtained. Contact Paul Englander, PLC today.

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