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Pedestrian Injuries and Child Pedestrian Injuries

Pedestrian Injuries and Child Pedestrian Injuries

Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Mesa AZ

Pedestrian Injuries and Child Pedestrian InjuriesA pedestrian accident lawyer Mesa AZ can assist victims injured as a result of a pedestrian, bicycle or scooter accident.

Pedestrian fatalities increased in 2016. There were almost 6,000 deaths, and more deaths from pedestrian accidents than from motorcycle crashes.

Each year about 626 children die in pedestrian fatalities. Young children are at higher risk for injury or death from traffic incidents because they aren’t thinking about traffic. Parents and caregivers often overestimate children’s awareness of cars and their understanding of traffic rules. Children younger than 10 years of age are unable to recognize the speed of oncoming vehicles, putting them at greater risk in traffic accidents.

Of the children pedestrian fatalities, ninety-three percent of children killed were in single-vehicle crashes. Seventy-five percent were killed in urban areas. Sixty-nine percent did not occur at intersection locations. Fifty-five percent were killed during daylight. Compared to all ages, more child pedestrians were killed during daylight than adult pedestrians. A pedestrian accident lawyer Mesa AZ can advise the victim or his family regarding legal options.

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) have tips for parents to keep their families safe.

Walking Safety Tips

  1. Children younger than 10 years old should not cross the street alone.
  2. Parents need to be role models. Be predictable. Obey traffic signs, signals and rules of the road.
  3. Teach children to look left, right, and then left again before crossing the street, and then to keep looking around while crossing.
  4. Walk on sidewalks if they are available.
  5. If there is no sidewalk, walk on the left side of the street and as far from oncoming traffic as possible.
  6. Stay alert. Keep eyes and ears scanning your surroundings.
  7. Whenever possible, cross streets at crosswalks or intersections, where drivers expect pedestrians.
  8. Teach children that just because they can see a driver does not mean the driver sees them. Never assume a driver sees you. Try to make eye contact with drivers, to make sure you are seen.
  9. Be visible. Try to wear bright colors during the day and reflective material at night. Try to use a flashlight to increase visibility at dusk or in the dark.
  10. Be extra careful around driveways and parking lots. Watch for cars backing up.
  11. Call for a ride if you are impaired.

Another newer safety challenge are electric scooters. Riders are able to unlock a scooter using a smartphone app, and ride to a desired destination. Riders don’t usually wear helmets, and the increase in usage has corresponded with an increase in ER visits. Many times the injured scooter riders suffer dental, have head injuries or broken bones. Doctors state that many of the injuries they see can be avoided by wearing a helmet. Cities are still figuring out any regulations that may be needed to keep riders safe, some argue that scooter riders should follow the same safety laws as cyclists.

When serious injuries occur as a result of a pedestrian, bicycle or scooter crash a pedestrian accident lawyer Mesa AZ should be consulted.