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Neglectful Staff at Nursing Homes

Nursing Home Issues

Nursing home abuse lawyer NJNursing homes are businesses that offer care to individuals who need help carrying out daily activities as they age. While most of these homes are places of refuge and wonderful care, some have persistent issues that are hard to ignore. There are numerous reasons as to why issues can occur at a nursing home but some of those issues tend to be more common than others. Let’s look into why this may be the case. 

Inadequate Staff Training

When it comes to nursing homes, these are places that are held to a high standard and for a reason. The tasks that are in the hands of the nursing home are crucial to their residents’ daily well-being. Without the around-the-clock care that these facilities give to their residents, these individuals could be facing some very difficult scenarios and tasks that they are unable to face alone. This is why staff needs to be trained adequately and licensed if their state requires it. Without this training and the proof of training, it may be that staff are offering improper care to your loved one. Always check to see what you can find out about staff before you decide to move your loved one into a nursing home facility. 

Inadequate Staffing Levels

Along with improper training or lack of training, there also exists in some nursing homes an inadequate number of staff. When there are not enough staff members to carry out the required duties for the nursing home residents, this could lead to small issues that could turn into big issues. Medicine administering time slots could be overlooked leading to your loved one not getting that special medicine that they need to have. Other issues like not getting enough water, food, exercise, and other crucial things could be lacking for your loved one due to not enough staff. Prior to you or your loved one moving into this type of nursing home facility, always do your due diligence to check up on as much information as you can about the facility. That way you can know for sure about the quality of care and whether or not there are enough staff to carry out their essential duties. 

When It’s Time to Seek Legal Counsel 

It may be time to seek legal counsel if you or your loved one are facing real issues at the facility. This is generally in the form of neglect, abuse, and some other reasons. If you believe that these types of things are occurring then contact an experienced nursing home abuse lawyer such as Davis & Brusca as soon as possible to get your case started.