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Catastrophic Injury Lawyer Phoenix AZ

Catastrophic Injury Lawyer Phoenix AZ

Catastrophic Injury Lawyer Phoenix AZ

Catastrophic Injury Lawyer Phoenix AZFollowing a truck, or car crash, fall or circumstances resulting in serious or catastrophic injuries, caused by another party’s negligence or wrongful conduct, a catastrophic injury lawyer Phoenix, AZ should be contacted for consultation, or representation. The stakes for the injured party are too high, it is not a level playing field, for the injured party to deal with the adverse party’s insurance company, without being represented by a personal injury attorney.

An experienced right catastrophic injury lawyer in Phoenix AZ should be consulted, when life altering, physical, or mental injuries are sustained. Spinal cord damage, traumatic brain injury, amputation, burn injuries are examples of catastrophic injuries that have long term emotional and financial losses and consequences. Common causes of catastrophic injuries can result from car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle crashes, from severe injuries suffered by pedestrians.

A catastrophic injury may cause impairments and deficits that may last for months or years. There may be extensive medical and rehabilitation care and costs, there may be significant lost earnings. Catastrophic injuries caused by another’s negligence require representation by an experienced attorney, who can investigate and evaluate the fault of the adverse party and get appropriate experts involved to assess and project future medical expenses and lost income.

The attorney will obtain the medical records, get reports from physicians to address permanency of the injuries, or work disability. A life care planner and an economist may need to be hired to address future medical needs, expenses and lost income.

A life care planner will attempt to learn the injured party’s medical history and understand his or her deficits. The planner will research the costs of medical needs and prepare a plan setting forth medical needs and costs. A qualified planned may also address past and future wage loss and work restrictions. An economist can arrive at the present value of future medical expenses and lost income. The following considerations are important in selecting a catastrophic injury lawyer.

Is the attorney a State Bar of Arizona Certified Specialist in Injury and Wrongful Death? This certification has been earned by approximately 1% of all Arizona lawyers.

Will your attorney be available to meet and consult with you, have your phone calls promptly returned, fully explain the process, and be there for frank discussions, when the need arises? Your attorney should have the experience, passion, and time to represent you. Your attorney should be someone you can trust and feel comfortable with, in the effort to achieve a fair and just resolution of your case, by way of settlement or trial.

The attorney will advance costs to proceed with the case. Often there are no fees unless a settlement is obtained.The attorney is able to file a lawsuit and litigate the case, and after be able to move the case toward a negotiated settlement, or prepare the case for trial. When life changing injuries occur a catastrophic injury lawyer Phoenix AZ should be contacted, as soon as possible, so that representation and advocacy can begin.