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Car Accident Lawyer Phoenix AZ

Car Accident Lawyer Phoenix AZ

Car Accident Lawyer Phoenix AZ

Car Accident Lawyer Phoenix AZWhen a motor vehicle crash occurs as a result of another party’s negligence, and injuries occur, a car accident lawyer Phoenix AZ should be consulted.

Following a car crash there are many issues that need to considered, including an investigation of who may be at fault, determining insurance coverage, including liability, commercial coverage, underinsurance, uninsured motorist policies that may apply.

Liability witness statements may be needed. The involvement of an accident reconstructionist may be helpful to determine speeds of the vehicle, and the perception, reaction times of the negligent driver.

An experienced car accident lawyer in Phoenix AZ may advise that the injured party should not give a statement to the adverse party’s insurance company.

Legal representation is critical, in assessing fault, getting medical records and evaluating the nature and extent of potential permanency of the injuries sustained.

Wrong way crashes in Arizona have become an all too familiar problem, sometimes with fatal consequences. The Arizona Department of Public Safety received more than 1,600 reports of wrong way drivers in 2016.Wrong way crashes frequently occur on the Interstates and State Routes, they also occur on one way streets.

The Arizona Department of Transportation has placed signage at various highway exit ramps, including “Wrong Way” and “Do Not Enter Signs,” further warnings include more “Wrong Way” reflectors.

These wrong way warnings may not deter a drunk driver. Every day 28 people in the United States die in an alcohol related crash, that’s one individual every 53 minutes. Over 10,000 deaths occurred from alcohol impaired crashes in 2015. These statistics are consequences of alcohol reducing the function of the brain, reasoning, judgment and muscle coordination.

Approximately one third of all traffic crash fatalities involve drunk drivers, those with blood alcohol concentrations of .08 or higher. Men are more likely than women to be driving drunk in fatal crashes.Damages of the injured party need to be carefully considered. The personal injury attorney will assess how the injuries have affected the injured person’s activities, quality and enjoyment of life. What are the claims for lost income, loss of earning capacity, since the crash, and the future?

What are the medical bills since the collision, and for the future?

If there are permanent injuries what is the injured party’s life expectancy?

If permanent injuries are sustained a life care planner and economist may need to be retained to project future damages.

The life care planner will assess the injured party’s medical condition and future medical needs, and prepare a plan setting forth future needs and costs, and future wage loss. An economist can arrive at the present value of future medical expenses and lost income. The adverse party’s insurance carrier first priority is to itself,not the injured party. The other party’s insurance company often takes the position that its insured may not be fully responsible for a claim, it may delay in investigating, evaluating, paying a legitimate claim, that’s why the involvement of a car accident lawyer Phoenix AZ soon after a collision, is a prudent course for the victim of a car crash.