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Airbags and Traumatic Injuries

Airbags and Traumatic Injuries

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Airbags deploy in crashes when a signal is sent from sensors in the control unit to the inflator within the airbag. A chemical reaction within the inflator inflates the airbag in the blink of an eye. The airbag must inflate at the right time to work properly and keep the driver and passengers safe. A MVA lawyer Phoenix AZ may be able to advise or represent airbag injury victims.
Airbags and Traumatic Injuries

Toyota has recalled over one million vehicles worldwide to fix problematic airbags. There are continued concerns that the air bags could fail to inflate in a crash or inflate without a crash. The recall includes about 17,000 Scion xA in the United States ranging from years 2004 to 2006.

In addition, Toyota has already recalled new 2019 Avalons and the 2018-2019 Tundra and Sequoia. There is a problem with the airbags’ control unit. Programming mistakes could disable multiple sensors intended to detect crashes.  If the airbags, such as the side curtain or knee airbags don’t deploy, it can increase the risk of injury. Dealership technicians will apply a software patch to the recalled control units to attempt to prevent further problems.

When the vehicles are recalled, it is sometimes hard to get the problems fixed. Dealers continue to sell high volumes of vehicles with Takata airbags, and tell the buyers that they can fix the problems at the local dealership, but that is often not true due to massive parts shortages. A MVA lawyer Phoenix AZ can explain legal options and claims.

A California court recently ruled that car dealers have to disclose a recall on a vehicle and that selling a defective car also violates the state’s Unfair Competition Law, which prohibits deceptive practices. Consumer safety advocates don’t want recalled vehicles sold without problems being fixed first.

Even when airbags work properly, drivers and passengers can end up with a bruised or broken sternum. The sternum is also referred to as the breastbone. Many times after a car accident when a victim of a crash complains of chest pain, they are feeling pain from a bruised sternum. This can happen after they hit an airbag or steering wheel, or slam against a seat belt. It is important to see a doctor to confirm whether your sternum is bruised or broken and to rule out any other injuries, including possible cardiac injuries. Doctors may often order a X-ray or CT scan, in addition to a physical exam, to determine the type of injury.

Chest, sternum symptoms may include painful breathing and difficulty moving arms and lifting heavy objects. Treatment may consist of rest, icing the affected area to reduce pain and swelling, and taking over the counter NSAID pain relievers, but treatment can vary depending on the specific injuries.

Since there have been various problems with airbags in recent years, some car safety innovators are making a case for airbags on the outside of the cars, they believe that the technology used on self-driving cars could be put to use on all vehicles, to inflate exterior airbags to prevent serious crashes and save lives.

When serious injuries occur as a result of airbag trauma a MVA lawyer Phoenix AZ should be consulted.